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An ever increasing facet of my work involves attending to a customers proposed purchase, with a view to the restoration of the original P chassis. From initial inspections in person, to ascertaining answers to the “What do we have we here?” question, through to researching provenance and compiling a detailed report of all modifications it has endured through its life so far. This is intended to sort the “wheat from the chaff”, as this marque and particularly this legendary long distance racer has suffered over the years, from the actions of “fakers”, much as similar valuable high end marques.

A detailed report on the condition of the existing chassis and repair recommendations, together with identification and inspection of the remaining original components is produced. Chassis components are produced in house from the original drawings, in the correct materials. In the Restoration section, I have only shown a very small selection from the inventory. Frankly, there are just too many panels and components to list. To that end, I have included photographs of bare bones chassis undergoing restoration. Our panels fit…

To date, I have been involved in several restorations that have podiumed at shows including Pebble Beach, Amelia Island and similar. Including “Class” and “Best at Show” awards.

gt40 restoration

If you would like to discuss a purchase you are considering, please feel free to contact me for a preliminary discussion.